A payment is considered misdirected when your customer pays you by mistake or on purpose, instead of into your Fluid account. By giving you an advance on your invoice, we are purchasing the rights to the proceeds of the invoice. Therefore, any proceeds for that invoice need to be paid directly to us. To maintain your account in good standing, and build your credit line with us, it is important that payments for invoices be sent directly to your Fluid account by your customers.

I received a check for an invoice that I had funded with Fluid. What do I do now?

While we expected you to update your clients with your Fluid account payment information, we understand there can be a lag between the time you update your clients and the time they change their records. To maintain your account in good standing and build your credit line with us, it is important that your customers pay to your Fluid account directly. Should you accidentally receive payment, you should select the Self-pay option from your Fluid dashboard. 

Self-paying an invoice

To Self-pay an invoice, you can go to your Fluid account, find your invoice via the Advanced page on the Invoices tab, and click on the invoice. This will bring you to another page which will show an itemized transactions for the invoice. Clicking on the button Self pay, at the top right of that screen will send us a request to debit your account for the balance of the invoice due. You may want to consider reminding your customer to make future payments to your Fluid lockbox. Your Fluid lockbox address can be found via the Your Profile tab under the Account Information page.