Advice and answers from the Fluid Financial Team

Fluid currently accepts invoices where:

  • The customer is a business based in the United States

  • The customer has been approved by Fluid for an advance and has available credit

  • The customer has agreed to accept your service or product and it has been completed, delivered, and accepted by them

  • The uploaded invoice due amount matches the invoice amount entered into Fluid's dashboard

  • The uploaded invoice specifies that payment is to be remitted to one of Fluid's payment methods and contains no conflicting information on where payment should be remitted to

  • The payment term is 90 days or less

  • The due date is at least 1 week away

Invoices that do not meet all of the criteria above may be rejected by Fluid and do not qualify for the non-recourse nature of Advance Payments. In cases where funds were already advanced for a non-qualifying invoice, Fluid reserves the right to debit your account for the advanced amount.