Advice and answers from the Fluid Financial Team

On your Fluid dashboard, go to the Contract tab. Click on the New Contract button.

2. Name your contract - be sure to include your client's name as well as any identifying information about the contract, like dates, work order numbers, or project IDs. 

3. Select the project associated with this contract (usually the one you just created).

4. Select your payor (your client) from the list. If you do not see your payor listed below, perform a search for their name.

5. Select your company as who will work on this contract.
6. Select what type of contract you have - hourly, daily or deliverable. 

7. Enter your contract details: quantity (number of hours or days, or contracts if it's a deliverable), rate (the price per hour, day, or total contract value), frequency of invoice (how often you invoice if it's recurring, or 1 if it's not), and frequency of payment (how many days until payment is due). 

8. Upload contract (preferably in PDF format) 

8. Share contract (with Fluid) by clicking the yellow share button in the bottom right corner of your screen - you will not be able to invoice if you have not shared your contract.